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  • 產品名稱:健伍PW18 - 1.8Q 直流電源

  • 產品型號:
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  • 產品文檔:
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健伍PW18 - 1.8Q 直流電源 健伍PW18 - 1.8Q 直流電源 健伍PW18 - 1.8Q 直流電源


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No. of Outputs編號的產出 44
Output 1/Range 1 Max.輸出1/Range 1*高。Current當前的 1.8 A (0 V to 18 V)1.8的( 0 V到18五)
Output 2/Range 1 Max.輸出2/Range 1*高。Current當前的 -1.8 A (0 V to -18 V)-1.8甲( 0五-18五)
Output 3/Range 1 Max.輸出3/Range 1*高。Current當前的 2 A (0 V to 8 V)2 ( 0 V至8五)
Output 4/Range 1 Max.輸出4/Range 1*高。Current當前的 -1 A (0 V to -6 V)-1甲( 0 V至-6五)
Voltage Ripple and Noise電壓紋波和噪聲 0.5 mV0.5毫伏
Current Ripple and Noise電流紋波和噪聲 2 mA2毫安
Load Regulation, Voltage負載穩壓,電壓 3 mV3毫伏
Load Regulation, Current負載穩壓,電流 10 mA一○毫安
Line Regulation, Voltage電壓調節,電壓 1 mV1毫伏
Line Regulation, Current線路調整,目前的 2 mA2毫安
Transient Response Time瞬態響應時間 50 us50我們


Key features:主要特點:

  • Dual Tracking雙跟蹤
    Dual tracking is provided, enabling positive and negative voltages and currents to track from zero simultaneously when varied, providing positive and negative outputs with the same absolute value.  This tracking function can be disabled for individual setting of positive and negative values.雙提供跟蹤,使積極和消極的電壓和電流跟蹤時,從零同時不同,提供積極和消極的產出相同的**價值。此跟蹤功能,可以禁用個人設置的正面和負面的價值觀。

  • Simultaneous Digital Display of Voltage and Current同時數字顯示的電壓和電流
    Output voltage and current are indicated simultaneously on 7-segment red LED displays, and a switch operation can be used to display the voltage and current of any of the outputs.輸出電壓和電流同時顯示7段紅色LED顯示屏,和一個開關運作可以用來顯示電壓和電流的任何產出。

  • Presetting of Voltage and Current Value Pairs (3 points)預設的電壓和電流值的配對( 3分)
    Three sets of frequently used voltage and currents (VA pairs) can be preset, thereby enabling quick setup of the power supply output.  A variable adjustment enables continuous adjustment of each output.  The output on/off time can also be preset.三套常用的電壓和電流(弗吉尼亞州對)可預置,從而使快速安裝電源輸出。一個變量的調整能夠不斷調整每個輸出。輸出開/關時間也可預置。

  • One-Dial Control一個撥號控制
    To simplify operation, all condition settings are selected at the push of a button, with a single rotary-encoder dial being used to set all values.  In addition, output voltage and current can be set to resolutions of 10mV and 10mA, respectively.  Normal/fast switching is also possible.為了簡化操作,所有條件設置選定只要按一個按鈕,用一個旋轉編碼器撥號被用來設置所有值。此外,輸出電壓和電流可設定的決議10mV和一〇毫安分別。師范大學/快速開關也是可能的。

  • Output Protection輸出保護
    When the output is on, if a preset switch or variable switch is changed or the tracking switch is set to on, a protection circuit cuts off the supply output, to prevent output of unexpected voltages and currents (when the output protect switch is set to on).當輸出,如果預設的開關或可變開關改變或跟蹤開關設置為上,一個保護電路切斷電源輸出,以防止意外的輸出電壓和電流(當輸出保護開關設置為上) 。

  • Key Lock
    A Key-lock function can be used to forcibly hold all setting values, thereby preventing the inadvertent changes of values during a power supply operation extending over long hours, or when you leave the power supply unattended during experiments.鍵鎖功能可以用來強行舉行所有設定值,從而防止無意改變價值在電源供應延續時間長,或者當您離開期間供電無人實驗。

  • Last-One Memory*后一個內存
    A backup function holds setting values, so that when the power is switched on the values in effect when power was switched off are set automatically, eliminating the need to make settings once again (except for the output switch and protect switch which are not backed up.)擁有備份功能設置值,因此,當接通電源中的值時生效權力關掉就可以自動被設置,而無需再次進行設置(除輸出開關,保護開關不支持。 )

  • ON/OFF Delay Time開/關延遲時間
    For a multiple-output power supply, when more than one of the outputs are switched on or off simultaneously, the experimental device or circuit being supplied may be influenced unexpectedly, running the risk of damage.  To prevent this, the delay time feature enables you to turn on a given output only after a delay time, and turns this output off this same delay time before the other outputs.為多輸出電源,當有一個以上的產出是開啟或關閉,同時實驗裝置或電路供應可能受到意外的是,運行造成損害的危險。為了防止這一點,延遲時間功能可讓您打開一個特定的輸出后,才拖延時間,并把這個輸出關閉此相同的延遲時間之前,其他產出。

  • Natural Cooling自然冷卻
    Thanks to an energy-saving design minimizing the temperature rise inside the unit and to a structure with high heat exhaust efficiency, the unit does not need a ventilation fan, thereby eliminating trouble such as noise, vibration and absorption of dirt.由于節能設計盡量減少溫度上升,并在單位內一個結構與高溫排氣效率,單位并不需要通風機,從而消除麻煩,如噪音,振動和吸收污垢。

  • Rack Size Unit機架大小單位
    Assuming the use in experimental fields and in combination with system components, the unit has a case size which complies with the rack specifications of EIA and JIS.假設使用的實驗領域,結合系統的組成部分,聯檢組的案件大小符合規格的機架環境影響評估和JIS 。


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