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  • 產品名稱:Advantest R6243直流電壓電流源

  • 產品型號:
  • 產品廠商:Advantest 愛德萬
  • 產品文檔:
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Advantest R6243直流電壓電流源

4 1/2位顯示位

*大輸出電壓: 110V/0.5A

*大輸出電流: 2A/32V

Advantest R6243

R6243/6244 is a DC voltage and current source/monitor with wide ranges of generation and measurement.

R6243: Voltage = 0 to 110 V, current = 0 to 2 A R6244: Voltage = 0 to 20 V, current = 0 to 10 A

The R6243/6244 provide high accuracy with a setting resolution of 4 1/2 digits and a measuring resolution of 5 1/2 digits, a variety of sweep functions and a pulse measuring function for a minimum pulse width of 1 ms. The R6243/6244 can be used as power supply in many applications, i.e. test systems for evaluations of semiconductors and other electronic parts in R&D, etc.,

Voltage source and current measurement (VSIM)/
Current source and voltage measurement (ISVM)
Voltage source and voltage measurement (VSVM)/
Current source and current measurement (ISIM)
Resolution up to 1μV and up to 100pA
Sink enabled bipolar output
Minimum pulse width: 1 ms
Linear, logarithmic, and random sweep functions for characteristics tests
Limiter (compliance), oscillation, overload, and overheat detection functions
Synchronous operation function by combining two R6243/6244s or more
GPIB for automatic measuring system
R6243 R6244
Maximum output curren 2.0 A at up to 32 V
1.0 A at up to 64 V
0.5 A at up to 110 V 10 A at up to 7 V
4 A at up to 20V
Voltage source/measurement range 320 mV to 110 V 320 mV to 20 V
Current source/measurement range 32 μA to 2 A 320 μA to 10 A
Number of digits
Measurement 4 1/2
5 1/2
Voltage source/measurement resolution
Measurement 10 μV
1 μV

Measurement 1 nA
100 pA 10 nA
1 nA



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