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  • 產品名稱:泰克 TEK2712 頻譜分析儀

  • 產品型號:
  • 產品廠商:泰克
  • 產品文檔:
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泰克 TEK2712 頻譜分析儀
  • 貨號: TEK2712
  • 裝修流程: 安裝工程


Tektronix 2712 Spectrum Analyzer





  • 頻率精度 5 × 10-7


  • 靈敏度至 -139 dBm (-92 dBmV) with Built-In Preamp
  • 四條數字蹤跡加真實模擬蹤跡顯示
  • 124 K of RAM
  • EMC Measurements with Optional Quasi-Peak Detector
  • 掃頻測量 至1.8GHz的內部或外接跟蹤源


  • 廣播傳輸領域
  • 通訊系統
  • EMC 檢測

Tektronix 2712 頻譜儀內建頻率計, 完全的編程能力, 數字和真實模擬顯示, 108個或更多的顯示存儲.

Frequency-corrected tuning and phase-lock stabilization enhance the ability to resolve close-in signals and reliably demodulate narrowband signals. Sensitivity up to -127 dBm (-80 dBmV) at 300-Hz resolution bandwidth (RBW) lets you see weak signals. The built-in preamp can improve sensitivity another 12 dB, up to -139 dBm (-92 dBmV). Up to 80-dB on-screen dynamic range ensures visibility of weak signals in the presence of strong ones.

A 300 Hz RBW filter with a shape factor <7:1 means youll see many close-in sidebands and spurious or unexpected signals you might otherwise miss. At the other end of the spectrum the 5-MHz RBW filter is useful when demodulating wideband signals such as actively modulated video carriers.

The built-in signal counter, with 0.5 ppm ±10 Hz accuracy, offers added power for rapidly identifying signals. The capability to choose between digital and true-analog displays lets you examine signals for characteristics that are not visible on digital-only displays.

Sweep speeds of 1 μsec/div, TV Line and TV Field triggering, an internal audio amplifier, AM/FM detectors, and the optional Video Monitor Mode all make video communications measurements easier.

Bandwidth, Carrier-to-Noise, Noise Power, Signal Search, and FM Deviation modes provide additional measurement power and convenience. Occupied Bandwidth Mode, with percent settable from 1 to 99%, aids in broadcast and radio measurements.

The optional internal or external tracking generator provides high dynamic range swept measurements to 1.8 GHz.

EMC Measurement

To help simplify your EMC measurements, the 2712 offers an optional quasi-peak detector, EMI resolution bandwidth filters, and fully corrected E-field intensity measurements to assist in precertification and troubleshooting. EMC ancillary devices are available to provide a complete measurement solution


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