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    1. 產品詳情
      • 產品名稱:Agilent 11757B多徑衰落模擬器

      • 產品型號:
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      Description: The Agilent HP 11757B is a Multipath Fading Simulator/Signature Test Set.

      Product Specs:


      • Automatic multipath signature measurements

      • Measures and prints static M-curves, dynamic M- and S-curves, recovery signatures, recovery times, and dispersive fade margin

      • High-performance, lightweight, and economical


      Other Info:
      The Agilent HP 11757B characterizes the equalizers in modern digital microwave radios by introducing a precisely-controlled notch in and around the radio$$$s transmission bandwidth. This allows precise measurements of the equalizers$$$ ability to compensate for multipath fading. Testing susceptibility to multipath conditions is especially important since fading is recognized as one of the predominant causes of unacceptable bit error rate and link outages. The Agilent l11757B offers accurate, economical multipath testing and records measurements automatically on a built-in printer.


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