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  • 產品名稱:Agilent E5574A光損耗分析儀

  • 產品型號:
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出租、出售、回收 Agilent/HP/E5574A/光損耗分析儀




Agilent HP E5574A
Agilent HP E5574A - 光損耗分析儀
欲購買或租賃Agilent/HP E5574A?請在線咨詢或拔打電話:13715327187

±0.005 dB polarization dependent loss accuracy
±2.2% absolute power accuracy
built-in fiber based polarization controller can cover all states of polarization
1250 to 1660 nm
Includes GPIB interface dual wavelength laser source, 81000A optical head.

The E5574A optical loss analyzer is a complete solution for the loss/gain characterization of active and passive optical components. At the touch of a button you can measure the various contributions to the total loss of your device -- all together in one affordable instrument. It is especially optimized for polarization dependent and gain measurements. Whether you are concerned with the ease of use in manual applications on the bench or with the highest quality and measurement speed on the production floor, this optical loss analyzer is the perfect tool.

The E5574A optical loss analyzer offers flexible solutions. A variety of Fabry-Perot laser sources can be ordered. For swept wavelength measurements, an external tunable laser source or a white light source is also available.

A pigtailed optical output provides polarization dependent loss measurements with the highest performance. Two other customer exchangeable connector interface options for straight or angled contact connectors provide superb flexibility. A selection of optical heads covers 800 to 1700 nm wavelengths and power levels between +27 and –90dBm. For best PDL measurement performance between 1250 and 1600 nm, the 81521B Option 001 optical head should be used.



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