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      • 產品名稱:Agilent 10780C接收機

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      The Agilent 10780C is a highly-sensitive, low-cost receiver used with Agilent laser interferometer positioning systems. One receiver is used for each measurement axis (including wavelength tracker). Configured with Agilent electronics, laser heads, and optics, the Agilent 10780C receiver lets you tailor a precise positioning system for your exact application requirements.

      • Squareness Measurement Specifications
      • The following specifications assume that the Agilent Dimensional Metrology Analysis System is used in conjunction with the Agilent 5529A calibration system to provide averaging and calculation capabilities for straightness, parallelism and squareness measurements.
      • Accuracy
      • Short Range Optics:
      • Metric Units Mode: ±(0.5 + 0.1M) arc-seconds ±0.01 theta
      • English Units Mode: ±(0.5 + 0.03F) arc-seconds ±0.01 theta
      • Long Range Optics:
      • Metric Units Mode: ±(0.5 + 0.01M) arc-seconds ±0.025 theta
      • English Units Mode: ±(0.5 + 0.003F) arc-secondes ±0.025 theta
      • where:
      • theta = calculated out-of-squarness angle in arc-seconds
      • M = distance of travel of the moving optic in meters
      • F = distance of travel of the moving optic in feet
      • General Characteristics
      • Weight: 4.0 kg (8.9 pounds)
      • Materials Used:
      • Housing: Aluminum
      • Optics: Optical Grade Glass
      • Optical Efficiency: 92% (worst case)
      • High sensitivity
      • Lowest-cost Agilent receiver
      • Usable with a variety of optical components and electronics

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