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  • 產品名稱:Agilent 8168F可調諧激光光源

  • 產品型號:
  • 產品廠商:其它品牌
  • 產品文檔:
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出租、出售、回收 Agilent/HP/8168F/可調諧激光光源



Lightwave Tunable Laser Source

  • Wavelength range: 1450 nm to 1590 nm
  • Wavelength accuracy: ±0.035 nm
  • Wavelength resolution: .001 nm
  • Wavelength stability: < ±100 MHz
  • Output power: -7 to 7 dBm
  • Sidemode suppression ratio: > 50 dB
  • Linewidth: 100 kHz

Agilent 8168F with option 022 Tunable Laser Source

Specifications at a glance for the 8168F with option 003

- Wavelength Range: 1450nm to 1590nm
- Wavelength Resolution: 0.001nm, 125MHz at 1550nm
- Optical Output Level: +6.5dBm Typical
- Fiber Type: SMF-28

Additional Information

- Option 022: Angled Contact Connector
- Option 003: Built-in Attenuator - Optical Power Stability: +/-0.03dB (typ +/-0.01dB)
- Wavelength Accuracy: +/-0.1nm

Possible options for the 8168F:

- Option 003: built-in optical attenuator, 40 dB attenuation
- Option 007: Polarization maintaining fiber, Panda-type, for straight or angled connector types (cannot be combined with option 003 or 023).
- Option 021: straight contact connector
- Option 022: angled contact connector
- Option 023: Diamond HMS-10/HP/HRL angled, non-contact connector (cannot be combined with option 007).


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