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      • 產品名稱:Agilent 81594B 2x2 Optical Switch Module

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      出租、出售、回收 Agilent/81594B /2x2 Optical Switch Module

      Agilent/81594B /2x2 Optical Switch Module




      Key performance specifications:

      • Insertion Loss < 1.5dB
      • Guaranteed lifetime > 10 Mio. cycles
      • PDL < 0.05dB for single-mode option
      • Highest repeatablity specified over 10.000 random switch cycles: 0.02dB




      The plug-in module for Agilent''''s Lightwave Solution Platform 8163B, 8164B, 8166B is ideal for flexible system configuration in applications such as transceiver/receiver test with small foot-print or multiple passive component test with complex cascade. The Agilent modular design of the optical switch features a 2x2 matrix in both SMF and MMF with low insertion loss and highly repeatable switch routing in <10 ms switching time.

      Routing of various optical sources such as laser in various wavelenght range and routing of various optical receiver such as power sensor, oscilloscope, BERT.


      • Highest repeatablity specified over 10.000 random switch cycles: 0.02dB
      • Guaranteed lifetime > 10 Mio. cycles


      • Using one test setup for testing DUTs in all transmission bands.
      • Minimize test uncertainties, maximize power budget enables higher production yield an highly competitive product specifications
      • Minimize test times - maximize production throughput.
      • Minimal influence on transmitted signal.

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