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      • 產品名稱:ADVANTEST/Q8347光譜分析儀

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      ● The Advantest Q8347 is an optical spectrum analyzer employing a Michelson interferometer
      ● High resolution wavelength measurement of 0.01nm at 1.5μm band and 0.001nm at 0.5μm band
      ● Coherent length can be measured
       The coherent length, which cannot be measured by dispersion spectroscopy using a grading based spectrum analyzer, can be measured by Q8347 using the Michelson interference method.  Therefore, the Q8347 can easily determine the noise suppression performance of the CD/VD laser diode due to the reflected light. The analysis range is as wide as +/-165mm.
      ● High-speed measurement
      As the analyzer employs Fourier spectroscopy using Michelson interferometer, high speed measurement is realized.
      ● +/-0.01nm wavelength measurement accuracy
      As a He-Ne laser is used as internal reference light source, a high wavelength accuracy of 0.01nm is realized. Wavelength calibration is not required.
      ● Easy operation
      Various aspects have been taken into consideration to make measurement easier. The panel key arrangement, Soft-key menus and basic key function can be specified in the first hierarchy.  The Q8347 has a built-in level meter which greatly facilitates adjustment of the measurement light coupling.
      ● Zoom function
      The measurement data can be analyzed again and displayed with the zoom function.  Data can be displayed from wide to narrow span without repeating measurement.
      ● Various processing functions
      They include four types of FWHM measurement function, an automatic peak search function, four types of cursor indication modes, a peak value sting function and 16 data memory areas.
      ● Built-in high-speed printer
       Measurement data can be easily output using a high-speed thermal printer having a printing speed of less than 8 seconds.
      Wavelength         350nm - 1750 nm  
      Resolution           0.001nm / 500nm (high resolution mode)
                                  0.003nm / 850nm (high resolution mode)
                                  0.01nm / 1550nm (high resolution mode)
                                         0.05 nm / 850nm (normal resolution mode)
                                         0.1 nm / 1550nm (normal resolution mode)
      Wavelength Accuracy    ±0.01 nm or less (high resolution mode)
                                              ±0.1 nm or less  (normal resolution mode)
      Span                  0.01nm /DIV to 140nm/DIV
      Input Sensitivity    -72 dBm to +10 dBm  (1.2 μm to 1.6 μm)
                                            -65 dBm to +10 dBm  (0.7 μm to 1.6 μm)
                                            -52 dBm to +10 dBm  (0.45 μm to 1.7 μm)
                                            -42 dBm to +10 dBm  (0.35 μm to 1.7 μm)
      Level accuracy        ±1.0dB (780nm), ± 0.7dB (1310,1550 nm)
      Dynamic range       35dB or more
      Repeatability including polarization dependence ±0.1dB or less at 1550nm
      Level scale                0.2,  0.5,  1.0,  2.0,  5.0,  10.0 dB/DIV and linear
      Measurement time         1 second or less
      Memory function      16 screens ( measurement data) with battery backup
                                                 10 screens (measurement condition) with battery backup
                                                 Floppy disk (MS-DOS format: 720KB / 1.2 MB)
      Display             Frequency, superimpose, 3-dimensional trend monitor (power,
                                     Wavelength), dual screen (up/down) display, cursor function,
                                     Color display customization, Listing
      Calculation Analysis  ●Spectrum analysis ●Coherence analysis ●Spectral half-width
                                                   Calculation ●Averaging ●Automatic optimum measurement
                                                   ●Smoothing ●Automatic peak search ●Normalizing ● Curve
                                                   Fit ● MAX/MIN hold
      Optical Input connector    FC connector
      Data Output      ●GPIB Standard equipment ● direct plotter ● Built-in printer\
      External Dimensions   Main unit:  424(W) X 221(H) X 500(D)  mm
                                                    Optical unit: 424 (W) X 132(H) X 500(D) mm
      Mass                   Main unit: about 16 Kg
                                         Optical unit about 20 Kg

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