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      • 產品名稱:Agilent N7783BThermal Cycling Unit

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      Agilent/N7783B/Thermal Cycling Unit



      Agilent’s Thermal Cycling Unit N7783B is fully controlled by the Agilent N7782B PER-Analyzer and allows accurate and repeatable cycling of the temperature of the fiber under test. The PER measurement system consisting of the Agilent N7782B and the Agilent N7783B shows excellent accuracy and repeatability. Ease of use and automation interfaces, such as analog output ports for active alignment, make it particularly useful for production environments.


      Splice Angle Characterization

      For characterizing an optical connection between two polarization maintaining fibers (PMFs), such as an optical splice, two thermal cycling units (Agilent N7783B) can be used. This eliminates the influence of input polarization or subsequent fibers at the output and isolates the angular misalignment of the connection located between the two thermal cycling units.


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