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      • 產品名稱:Product specs for ESVD

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      出售、出租、回收2手儀器 Product specs for ESVD

      Product specs for ESVD


      Product Description:

      Rohde & Schwarz ESVD 20 MHz to 1 GHz EMI Receiver for Mobile Radio Net

      Performance Characteristics of the ESVD


      Form Factor Benchtop
      Test Standard(s) CISPR,CENELEC,ETSI,FCC,VCC
      Minimum Frequency 20 MHz
      Maximum Frequency 1 GHz
      Input Impedance 50 Ohm
      Frequency Accuracy 1E-16 %
      Minimum Sweep Time 1 ms
      Maximum Sweep Time 100 s
      Maximum Safe AC Input 30 dBm
      Maximum DC Input 7 V
      Minimum Displayed Average Noise -128 dBm
      Maximum Displayed Average Noise -103 dBm
      Maximum Dynamic Range 70 dB
      Demodulation A0,AM,FM
      Connector type (main signal) Type-N(f)
      Cal Output Connector Type BNC(f)
      External Frequency Reference 10 MHz

      Programmability/Connectivity of the ESVD


      User Interface Proprietary
      Ports to Peripheral Devices IEEE488

      ESVD Compliance


      CE Compliance Not on file
      UL Compliance Not compliant

      ESVD Power Requirements


      Input Power Universal (Auto Sense and Switch)
      Battery Requirement 12 V
      Battery Life 2 hrs

      ESVD Physical Dimensions

      • Width: 435 mm(17.12 in)
      • Height: 236 mm(9.29 in)
      • Length: 460 mm(18.11 in)
      • Weight: 23 kg(50.7 lb)

      ESVD Standard Accessories

      • 1 /Power Cable /Qty:1
      • 2 /Operating Manual /Qty:1



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